Hello Good People, By now you must have visited To you, it may just be another photo blog but to me, it is a nine-year-old dream come true. I’ll share it with you. My interest in photography spans as far back as I can remember. It was so strong that at the age of nine I opened up my uncle’s ... Read More »


Hello Friends, Its been a long while since we last touched base. I apologize for my long absence. While I was away I was able to set up my photoblog ( A link to this blog has been placed under my blogroll in the side bar (My Photoblog). I encourage you to visit from time to time to see how we ... Read More »


Hi Friends, I’m so sorry “Now I understand why… (2)” is not still out. I tried to write but it did not flow. Somehow, I believe this article was blocking it. This just had to come out first. The article you are about to read is timely and very relevant to you. It has the ability to preserve your life and protect you from unnecessary loss. As ... Read More »

My First Time…

Today is the first time I am going to make a post on my site. I am excited about it but also a bit nervous! Nervous, because I have not actively been involved in writing before now. But I’ll do my best and I know it will turn out well. I’ll leave you to judge and will appreciate your candid ... Read More »