Nothing Do You!

Today I was trying to contact two of my friends on blackberry. The messages were not delivered and I began to wonder if my BIS subscription has expired. Even though I had not received any notification I had reasons to suspect because just a few days before my Airtel step up plan had expired and I did not receive any ... Read More »


Hallo friends, I hope your week has been great. In this episode of Manna we will be looking at a powerful correction formula I have tagged Option Three. Find out what it’s all about. Enjoy! Deji Olatunde                                                                   www.deji.shutterchance.com Read More »


Today marks the end of my career in Accenture as I move on to pursue my passion in photography. Even though I spent a year beyond the three years I initially planned, I am grateful to God for his mercies and kindness to me during my stay. While in the Accenture, the Lord kept me from troubles, failure, and complications. He caused me ... Read More »


I got converted in February 1999 and since then my sincere desire has been to do the will of The One who saved me. A couple of years after my new birth experience, I listened to a teaching on purpose… the unique reason for which I am on earth. It sparked off a strong desire to discover my purpose and fulfil ... Read More »


Hello friends, A very beautiful year to you!!! May you fulfil your goals and aspirations as you set your heart to achieve them and your hands to work them out. May the land yield its increase to you and may you find favour in relevant places. This is my prayer for you this year. Looking back at last year there are sooooooooooooo many things ... Read More »


Hello Friends, Let me start by thanking you all for your care and concern while my blog was down. Your calls, text messages and emails were really encouraging. My service providers experienced a hitch in their system which resulted in the loss of my data. However, thanks to Kayode Muyibi, I have been able to recover most of my articles through Googles ... Read More »


It was another weekend. All that was on my mind was submitting the documents to my client and leaving the towers. I had to catch the Virgin Nigeria 18.35 flight out of Abuja. I just hoped that Mercy would not have closed by the time I got upstairs. Mercy was not there when I got upstairs. She did not come to work that day! Fortunately, Ebun ... Read More »


Hi All, Hmmm… Where do I start from? I apologise for being Absent Without Leave. It’s been over 6 weeks now since I last posted anything. I’d like to thank all of you for visiting and dropping comments during my silence. It was really encouraging to know that even while I was away lives were still being blessed. Read More »

dejiolatunde.com/photo – A DREAM COME TRUE!

Hello Good People, By now you must have visited www.dejiolatunde.com/photo. To you, it may just be another photo blog but to me, it is a nine-year-old dream come true. I’ll share it with you. My interest in photography spans as far back as I can remember. It was so strong that at the age of nine I opened up my uncle’s ... Read More »


Hi Friends, I’m so sorry “Now I understand why… (2)” is not still out. I tried to write but it did not flow. Somehow, I believe this article was blocking it. This just had to come out first. The article you are about to read is timely and very relevant to you. It has the ability to preserve your life and protect you from unnecessary loss. As ... Read More »