Nothing Do You!

Today I was trying to contact two of my friends on blackberry. The messages were not delivered and I began to wonder if my BIS subscription has expired. Even though I had not received any notification I had reasons to suspect because just a few days before my Airtel step up plan had expired and I did not receive any notification. Just as I was about to check when I paid my last subscription fee I received a BB message from a friend. It was at that point that I realised that there was nothing wrong with my phone. Perhaps their own BIS subscriptions had expired or their phones were off or out of their network coverage area.

Sitting back and looking at life there are situations we find ourselves and we are quick to conclude that there is something wrong with us. You hang out with someone and you begin to hate your  life. You begin to feel grossly inadequate and feel there are certain heights you may never reach in life. Sometimes these experiences shape our lives (more like cage our lives) and we tend to limit ourselves. As long as you are living in accordance to the righteous requirements of the law the truth is – there is nothing wrong with you… in the words of my Naija brothers “nothing do you”.
In a different vein, there are times you hang around certain types of people who despite the fact they have achieved so much and are established way beyond your current level, you feel hopeful and enthusiastic about the future just by listening to them or being around them. You leave the presence of such people with action points and new resolutions. Your general level of self-confidence and self-worth increases.  For those of us who are bible students, we see our perfect example Jesus inspiring and pulling people up from their lowly positions to become people that others look up to. The tax collectors ( the equivalent of the “agberos” – touts who collect taxes at motor parks), the fishermen and the other lowly disciples became people that kings granted audience just to hear what they had to say. Let us put spiritual sentiments aside, it takes a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem to be able to speak to crowds, and highly placed individuals.
My question to you is this – If you know there are two of such kinds of people why then would you spend precious moments of your life around such diminishing  people? Why would you not rather seek and focus your attention around people who would build and encourage you to become as great as and even greater than they are. I really don’t care what you have been told all your life. The truth is there is nothing wrong with you. Not all is right and perfect with you certainly there is a lot of room for improvement (if you honestly feel there is no room for improvement then you have complex issues and should seek help immediately) but it is not as bad as they try to make it seem. Yes you are not perfect but you are not a write off. Cut off from such people who impact negatively on your self-esteem and confidence negatively and seek those who believe in you and encourage you to tap into the potential  that is already in you.
Please don’t get me wrong! I am not saying you should become complacent and satisfied with mediocre areas in your life. Or that you should push aside feedback, criticisms or refuse to evaluate and prayerfully consider them. All I am saying is that you need to get up there you need to hang around people who can inspire you to aspire for such height and not pull you down and keep you in the pit.
Your experiences and feedback are welcome.
Deji Olatunde

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