Today marks the end of my career in Accenture as I move on to pursue my passion in photography. Even though I spent a year beyond the three years I initially planned, I am grateful to God for his mercies and kindness to me during my stay.

While in the Accenture, the Lord kept me from troubles, failure, and complications. He caused me to meet some of the finest people who have affected my life positively. It was through a friend and colleague in Accenture that I got my first professional camera. That singular event shaped the direction of my life over the last two-and-a-half years. It was through a friend (an ex-Accenture staff) that I launched into commercial photography. It was with the help of a colleague in Accenture who gave me  N10,000.00 as a her token contribution when my online transaction was declined that I purchasing my first bounce flash.

I must confess it was not easy arriving at this decision but I am glad I made it. Why?! It gives me the opportunity to satisfy the burning curiousity in my heart to know what it feels like to be my own boss; to depend strictly on my thinking and the work of my hands to feed; to build something that others will feed and send their children to school from;  to see how the former can evolve from the use of all my previous experiences, a camera, and a couple of accessories.

Do I feel really ready to take on this challenge? The answer is NO! But I also ask the question – Can a man ever feel truly ready? Would there ever be a time that he can say he has learnt everything that he can possible learn? There are some lesson that will not just stick or make sense until you hit the road! You can learn all the strategies and tactics in the classroom but it’s only the practice out there that gives you the opportunity to validate what you have learnt and make adjustments as you move along. For that I am ready!

What if it fails? IF it does (which by God’s grace is impossible) I would not be the first to suffer such setback. Also it is not the setback that counts but how I handle it if it comes. As I say to people, if it comes to the worst, I am determined to keep at this race even it means crawling to cross the finish line. I just have one life to live and I would rather die knowing that I tried to follow the dream in my heart than spend the rest of my life imagining what would have come out if had I tried!

This is the journey I  begin today… One that would define the rest of my life… The outcome of which would either encourage those coming behind to follow their dreams or re-enforce their secret fear of the unknown.

I just have one pledge – I will do my best not to let you down. SO HELP ME GOD!

Before I hit the road let me share with you a few words that helped me reach my decision:

  • Unless a corn of wheat falls to the ground and DIES, it abides alone
  • Unless a man is willing to loose sight of familiar shore, he cannot discover new and better ones
  • The greatest enemy that keeps men back from venturing out is the fear-of-the-unknown
  • Most great enterprises started small
  • You are only declared a failure when you throw in the towel.

Think about these… I would keep you updated as I progress on this journey

God bless you!

Deji Olatunde

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