I got converted in February 1999 and since then my sincere desire has been to do the will of The One who saved me. A couple of years after my new birth experience, I listened to a teaching on purpose… the unique reason for which I am on earth. It sparked off a strong desire to discover my purpose and fulfil my destiny. I spent several years seeking the face of God to reveal to me the reason why he placed me on earth. I read several books on the subject and listen to several teaching but all I was able to get from them was an anchor scripture and a shallow revelation into the depth of that scripture. It was quite frustrating.

As I grew before the Lord, my thirst to discover what he wanted me to do became consuming. I took time out on several occasions to fast and pray about it. Each time I came out of such prayer and fasting sessions, the depth of revelation of what I was required to do got deeper but I was still not able to clearly articulate what it was. I kept seeking till it became my only prayer point.

Seeing the level of desperation and frustration I was experiencing, my heavenly Father decided to reveal to me my purpose. I was surprised to find it was nothing new! They were things I had received in little bits and pieces at different points in my life. Some parts had come as noble thoughts which I had written down and begun executing; others as convictions, burdens, dreams etc. I realised I had ignored a large part of it as it did not make sense to me as at the time it was revealed.

Receiving my purpose in one full piece made it look gigantic and intimidating like Bumblebee standing before Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) in the Transformers movie. After God revealed it He said to me

“Now that you know it, go and fulfill it.”

At that point, I discovered my helplessness. It was overwhelming. It was like asking a man to build the twin towers with his bare hands.

“I must be missing something vital”

I thought to myself.

“If he tells me to, then it must be possible… But how? Maybe I need a plan.”

I cried out.

“Lord I am helpless… please step in and help me for I cannot do it on my own. Give me a plan to accomplish it”

“You don’t need a plan”

He responded.

“If I give you a plan you will still be helpless to implement it.”

“What then do you require of me?

I asked.

“That is the question I have been waiting for you to ask all these years. When I called my disciples, I called them that they may be with me and that I may send them to do my will and have authority over situations and circumstances. Being with me (fellowship) was the primary reason I called them. I cannot send you if you have not been with me. It is in the place of being with me that I give you instruction on the steps to take to accomplish your destiny. It is in this place that I modify and fortify you for the message I would give you to deliver. It is here that I train you and confer you with the authority for the task ahead. I am a God of process. My directions are given on a step by step basis in accordance with the level of my divine power at work within you. It is by being with me that you will receive the wisdom and strength to accomplish my purpose for your life. My instructions will give you leverage; It will give you a head start and pull the finishing line closer. What others will need years to accomplish, I am able to bring to your feet in a day. Stay with me and learn my ways. If you would seek to learn my ways and walk in them, then you shall see my works in your life. It all comes out of your relationship with me.”

He paused.

“Remember those folks who claimed to raise the dead and heal the sick in my name… those that I denied before the father – They were focused on the works and ignored the walk (their relationship with me). They never got to know me and walk with me. They only worked for me. Yes they got things done but they never knew me. A CEO of a large organization does not know all the people who work for him. He only knows those that he senses are walking with him to accomplish his goals for the organization… the driver that is always there for him when he needs to go out; the messenger who delivers his messages in good time; the production manager who organizes resources to ensure that required output is met; the dedicated and outstanding worker who bags the employee of the year award. The CEO has no concern for those who work just to earn their living but for those who do it out of a sense of ownership and partnership with Him.”

“Those who ignore the walk are like men who set out to build a skyscraper without laying the foundation. They may gain height but will not reach their full potential. They may use expensive materials and sophisticated technologies but will not stand in the day of the shaking. Always remember to seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other thing will be added. Obedience is all I require from you. Seek me! Chase after me!! It is my purpose for your life. I designed it. I own it. I desire to see it accomplished much more than you do. All I require is that you build your relationship with me and you will get every other thing from life will be without struggle. Internalise these words for they will bring life to you.”

I paused and thought about His words – the truth that brings life – and I realised that it was going to be an adventurous walk… an interesting chase.

Have a great week.

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