Hello Friends,

Let me start by thanking you all for your care and concern while my blog was down. Your calls, text messages and emails were really encouraging.

My service providers experienced a hitch in their system which resulted in the loss of my data. However, thanks to Kayode Muyibi, I have been able to recover most of my articles through Googles cached web pages. I will begin reposting them very soon.

In the meantime, we are doing everything possible to ensure that www.dejiolatunde.com is restored to greater glory.

I would also use this opportunity to thank my friend and coach, Deolu Akinyemi, who has been very supportive in the recovery process. Deolu your friendship is invaluable. I am truly grateful.

A lot has happened during this period of silence and there is a lot to share.

My first article would be posted on Monday. I am sure you would benefit greatly from it. Why not make it a date with me on Monday, December 17, 2007?

Looking forward to reading your comments.

Deji Olatunde


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