Hi All,

Hmmm… Where do I start from?

I apologise for being Absent Without Leave. It’s been over 6 weeks now since I last posted anything. I’d like to thank all of you for visiting and dropping comments during my silence. It was really encouraging to know that even while I was away lives were still being blessed.

A lot happened while I was away. I travelled to Abuja for my younger sister’s wedding on the 24th of May, then to Benin the next week for a friend’s wedding and then to Ondo the following week for yet another friend’s wedding. A couple of weeks later the NLC strike came along. It was a refreshing time for me. I stayed indoors and did a lot of meditation.

Only last week, June 24th precisely, I cycled out of Club Freedom for the first time (the $6,000 was a life saver). I used part of the returns to buy accessories for my camera and invested the rest. For the first time in a very long while, I did not bother checking my account to see whether salaries had been paid. I am presently on traveller again waiting for my second cycle which should happen before the middle of July (God being on my side).

Currently, I am preparing for my first wedding photography contract. It will be taking place on Saturday, July 7, 07 in Lagos. I am preparing hard and looking forward to it. Friends and colleagues all over have been sending me materials, counsel and tips on how to make it a great hit. One even sowed a seed towards the purchase of equipment. Thank you for your support and for believing in me. I will not disappoint you.

Today, I would be sharing a personal Psalm which I wrote during my morning devotion while I was at home on holiday 9 years ago. I could not help but write down my amazement as I sat by the river bank behind our family house in Abuja. As I watched the sun rise, the clear river flow, the crows playing and the gentle breeze blowing I  marvelled at the splendour of the creator.

I hope this puts you in a right frame of mind to worship the creator.

Deji Olatunde

O Lord My God!
How great you are!
Your might is displayed in all creation
Your love calls out from all creation

How can anyone say you do not exist?
When all nature speaks of your goodness
Your greatness, Your peace, Your patience and Your love

I give glory to you as I behold the stars in the sky
Numerous though they are
You know them all by name
The sun you made to give light to the whole world
The only source of light during the day
And the supplier of moonlight at night
Bright as these lights are they are like pitch darkness beside you

I sit by the river meditating at sunrise
I see your splendour reflecting on the surface of the water
Even as you cause my soul to be refreshed
As I feel your presence in the cool of the gentle morning breeze

Where is the river always flowing from?
And to where is it flowing to?
Yet no matter how fast it flows it never finishes its course
No matter how high it rises or how low it falls it never ceases to flow!!

More consistent is Your love that flows from your throne to all your creation
If this was not so then who can explain how the teeth of the dog remain white?
Despite all the rotten and bad food it eats?
It is the hand of the Lord that brushes and keeps them clean
The umbrella tree, it remains shapeful and well trimmed all year round
It has to be the hand of the Lord that prunes it

I see the crow, one of your creation
Its feathers are always well oiled and brushed
The duck, a very dirty animal, no matter how deep it swims in muddy water
It white feathers are always white every morning
But who washes, oils and brushes them?
It is the mighty arm of the Lord that does it all

The mystery of flowers I cannot understand
In glory, you have clothed them
With sweet smelling perfumes, you bath them daily
Even after they die and wither their fragrance is still smelt

The snake poisonous and deadly though it is
You have not failed to take care of it
You wash it and polish it daily
You never cease to change it clothing (Skin) in season

How does the snake climb trees without limbs?
And the fish and the turtle breathe under water?
What is fire? Colourful but weightless
Yet its destructive power knows no limit
And the wind? We only hear and feel but have never seen

Lord, you never cease to amaze me
Mysterious are your works! They fill all creation
I cannot but stand in awe of your marvellous glory

O Lord my God!
How great are your works in all the Earth

– Deji Olatunde

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